The Mighty Thor

In honor of Thor: The Dark World coming out this week I did this little doodle, which came form the idea of what would a marvel character look like had it been designed by UPA.

UPA Style Thor Final

In honor of Thor: The Dark World coming out this week, I did this little Asgardian doodle. It sprang from an idea I had of what a marvel character would look like had it been designed by UPA. UPA, or, United Productions of America, was an American animation studio active from the 1940s through the 1970s. They were responsible for such series as Mr. Magoo, The Dick Tracy series and Gerald McBoing Boing. The artists at UPA were the pioneers of limited animation. Though originally a decision made for budgetary reasons, they soon mastered the technique and turned it into a signature style that influenced many generations of artists and animators afterwards.

The first pic is a page from my sketchbook. I did a few pages exploring Thor, looking at his costume and tried various poses and interations. When i decided on a pose i started to hone in on the build, going for simple but solid and flowing shapes. When i was going to final i was close to using the head I had in the center in the page here, but opted to throw his eyes on the same side of his nose to give it a more signature UPA 1950’s feel to it. I finished the color and inking in Photoshop using a set of ink brushes by Kyle T. Webster (do check them out here, they’re worth a look). I think the end result was pretty successful and something I’d like to take further and give some other Marvel/DC characters the same treatment. Verily, I especially love the eyes and the tiny boots...

thor skecthes UPA style 25