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Inktober 2016 - A whole month of Star Trek: TOS

already a day behind, but here's my first entry for Inktober 2016 doing a whole month of StarTrek: TOS for the 50th anniversary, starting off with Mr. Spock. gonna try and do each inktober drawing with different approaches.


Why a Narwhal? Just because.

A friend of mine commissioned me to do an illustration for a baby shower. They asked that it feature a monkey and a narwhal. I really liked how the narwhal turned out, it's really cute.

Party Invite Design

WIP: reimaging of Gaia

a work in progress, exploring the idea of Gaia reimagined as a biomechanical deity, representing the presence and interaction of technology and cyberspace in our everyday lives.


Birds of a Feather

more dino fun…

Birds of a Feather