Good intentions...

This project started out as an experiment with a group of old school friends...


This project started out as an experiment with a group of old school friends. We has reconnected through Facebook and started chatting about getting a drawing group together where we would give our group assignments and come up with illustrations to present to the group. The whole point was to keep our drawing chops up while having a little fun. Unfortunately it fizzled out after a while and we never continued after about two projects. It was a good idea but our work lives and other projects just kept getting in the way (which is really no excuse not that i think about it). Anwyay, here is one of the fruits of those labors. The first one was to come up with a Sci Fi Pinup.

Here’s the the initial sketch i chose out of 5 or 6 i did.

Space Pinup Rough Sketch

I did a few rough pencil drawings to tie her down some more before I scanned her in. I felt about here I was going in the right direction (and with some healthy and constructive criticism from my comrades). It was also here that I decided to try a spoof of the old copper tone ads with the girl on the beach having her bikini bottom pulled by a dog.

Space girl pinup scane

Started working on the Robo Pooch at this point as well.

space pinup dog

After getting her tied down a bit more, I scanned her in and jumped over to Photoshop where i started inking her in, though i was having issues with her mouth as it started looking more like a blow up doll than actual lips and teeth.

Space Girl Pinup Inkline

After getting all the ink lines done, it was time to add color.

space pinup color final

The end result seemed a bit overdone, so i put it aside for a few days and came back to it. I decided that the focus was the girl and her dog and everything else was superfluous. I turned off all the layers and decided to just add a nice graphic shape in the back to give more of a retro feel.

space pinup color simplbg final

I think in the end it was pretty successful piece, and one that I’m still toying with getting a t-shirt run done. That’s for another time.