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I love Dinosaurs, always have, always will...


I love Dinosaurs, always have, always will. Being a dad is a pretty wonderful thing in many ways. One of those is having time to rediscover long lost interests and passions and being able to see them with a new perspective. My son, as all boys tend to do, loves dinosaurs and just about everything about them. We usually end of drawing dinosaurs together. He’ll pick one out from the National Geographic app on the iPad and we’ll both take a stab at drawing it. One of my favorite families are the Dromeaosaurids, which include Raptors and other Ceolurosaurian dinosaurs. Even though there were hypothesis brought up over a hundred years ago that dinosaurs had feathers and were the ancestors of birds, it wasn’t until recently that more archaeological findings have been able to back up those claims. I think it’s pretty damn cool, that technically we still have avian dinosaurs still around us today, making them the longest surviving vertebrate land animals of all time. Many people think that the feathers on these creatures makes them look silly, I think the opposite is true. There’s something about these creatures with down and feathers that make them more stealthier and deadlier than ever before. Here’s a little sketch I did in Photoshop, based off a bust by an archaeologist whose name eludes me now...I’ll find it and source him later.

Deinonychus Dinovember